Bayon TV

Bayon was launched in 1998. It is known to produce a number of original programs with high production values compared to other local networks. When Hun Mana took over the station from the direction of her mother Bun Rany, Bayon TV has received a surge in popularity as she poured a considerable amount of money into modernizing the TV network and radio station [KAS, 2009, p.34]. It has gained a lot of popularity among young Cambodians [BBC Media Action, 2014]. Most popular shows are concerts and boxing shows. News coverage is mainly local and not very popular [CMRD, 2015]. BTV and ETV are two sister channels of Bayon TV.

Bayon TV Contact Info.:
Address: National Road No 1, Chbar Ampeou, Boeung Snoa Village, 12357 Phnom Penh
Tel: (+855) 23 726 614
Fax: (+855) 23 726 619

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