South East Asia Television or SEA TV is a national TV channel broadcasting from Phnom Penh. It was the ninth free-to-air terrestrial television channel in Cambodia. SEA TV belongs to South East Asia TV & Radio FM 106 Co., Ltd (S.E.A TV & Radio), a company which also launched its SEA Radio station on FM 106 in July 2007.

Launched in 2010, SEA TV expanded its coverage from 13 to 20 provinces in 2015 and became a 24-hour TV channel. In addition to antenna reception, SEA TV is also available on cable and online and can be viewed in South East Asia countries, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Iceland.

Running under a motto of ‘Education, Culture, and Information’, SEA TV broadcasts various programs including foreign and Khmer series, live concerts, sports, news, culture, and kids program. SEA TV’s most popular program is Indian series, showed during peak time, which takes half of its viewer [CMRD, 2015]. It is one of the most popular TV stations among Cambodian youth after CTV, MYTV, Bayon and Hang Meas [BBC Media Action, 2014, p.12].

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