direct marketing business operator by communicating information to sell products or services direct to consumers through various marketing channels (Multi-Channel Marketing) The company was registered and established on April 21, 1999, with a focus on creating a shopping experience where customers can order products and services anytime, anywhere. With more than 30,000 products such as health products home appliances fitness and sports car care equipment Travel accessories, auspicious products, fashion products, beauty products and products for children, etc.

TV Direct Co., Ltd. has channels to sell products and services through various communication channels. to reach consumers directly, such as television channels via normal television (Free TV) and satellite television, both C BAND and KU BAND, catalog channels, online channels through the website, the TVDirect application and more than 22 TVDirect stores with the ultimate aim of being the leader in direct marketing in Thailand., a website for selling products online (E-Commerce) that gathers a wide variety of products for you to choose from. with the most convenient way of shopping With secure payment procedures In addition, the TV Direct website has also developed a new system to support the use of users on smartphones. In order to be able to support the use of consumers that meet the needs as much as possible.

Our website “ TVDIRECT.TV ” strives to deliver happiness and convenience in shopping. It is also an important part that helps businesses grow. by acting as a channel for customers from all over the country have used a variety of innovative products which has been selected for quality by experts from world famous brand products Local quality products from Thailand at a special price with a satisfaction guarantee

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