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Arirang TV (Arirang International Broadcasting) is a South Korean-based broadcasting company operated by the International Broadcasting Exchange Foundation.[1] It provides English information on current events, culture, and history of Korea to the surrounding areas of Korea. Arirang TV (Arirang International Broadcasting) is named after the Korean traditional folk song “Arirang.”[2]

It began as a cable TV service in South Korea on February 3, 1997, and opened Korea’s first overseas satellite broadcasting in 1999 in the Asia-Pacific region. It launched worldwide broadcasting in Europe, Africa, and the Americas in 2000.

Three channels are broadcast 24 hours a day with the main language English. In addition, they provide subtitles for Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese and Indonesian (multilingual subtitle services). In May 2022, Arirang Espanol, a Spanish-language YouTube channel, was launched.

Arirang International Broadcasting operates on three channels (World, UN, and South Korea), and uses a total of eight major broadcasting satellite relays. It has 36 programs covering the international economy, current situation, culture, and entertainment, and it consists of programs for domestic and foreign opinion leaders as well as programs for viewers of various ages.

Arirang Radio is the first English radio broadcast in Korea.

Currently, it is communicating with more viewers through various programs which has about 144 million households in 108 countries around the world.

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