Launched in March 2003, the Cambodian Television Network or CTN, is the most popular station in Cambodia, covering 30% of the audience. It is especially appreciated by young Cambodians (15-20 years old) [CMRD, 2015]. A national TV channel, it is a free-to-air terrestrial television channel broadcasting from Phnom Penh and available by satellite with a paid subscription.

CTN was first launched as a joint venture between the Cambodian conglomerate Royal Group and the pan-European digital entertainment company MTG, based in Sweden. In 2004, it started to be distributed in the USA, Australia and Canada as CTN International.

CTN’s ambition is to reach 70% of the Cambodian audience and, to do so, introduced a variety of entertainment and educational programs formats from Sweden, the US and the UK. CTN is also airing home-grown documentaries and popular shows such as dramas, sports, and concerts [Roberts, 2011]. While the programming focuses on entertainment, morning and evening time slots are reserved to Cambodian and International news on a daily basis. International and Asian news is transmitted to CTN’s broadcast facility in Phnom Penh via satellite from London.

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